Meet Tommy Jensen

Tommy Jensen hugging her horse River

"My contention as an instructor and trainer is that riders who first learn to feel their own bodies, and learn how their bodies connect to and interact with the horse, will be able to influence the horse to better performance. Taking their riding to levels they did not know existed—beyond where the maps chart their course…to where the dragons are!"

Diverse experiences, thorough instruction.

Tommy started riding in the hunter ring and soon graduated into a career as a local eventer. She has also explored the world of western riding while working with Arabians for halter training & showing. Since 1995, Tommy has focused her studies on the art of classical dressage, which is now what she trains and teaches full-time. Her education as a biologist/geologist spurred her to enhance her knowledge of the biomechanics and adaptations of the biological organism—specifically horses and our physiological connections to them. As the owner and operator of There be Dragons Farm, Tommy now dedicates her time to sharing this knowledge with others.