Meet Tommy


Meet Tommy, trainer and instructor.

Tommy started riding in the hunter ring and soon graduated into a career as a local eventer. She has also explored the world of western riding while working with Arabians for halter training & showing. Since 1995, Tommy has focused her studies on the art of classical dressage, and is now a full-time trainer and instructor. Her education as a biologist/geologist spurred her to enhance her knowledge of the biomechanics and adaptations of the biological organism—specifically horses and our physiological connections to them. As the owner and operator of There be Dragons Farm, Tommy now dedicates her time to sharing this knowledge with others.

Tommy and River


LeahMeet Leah, trainer and instructor.

Leah started riding horses when she was about 10 years old, but it was evident that she was horse and animal crazy long before then.  Her early riding was spent aboard two somewhat opinionated mares who instilled a solid foundation of proper aids and an admiration of large horses.  During high school she lived in northwest Montana and it was here that she was first introduced to natural horsemanship.  Her next adventures across the country led her to dabble in a variety of disciplines such as jumping, skijoring, western trail riding, and driving.  Today, she has narrowed her focus to dressage, finding the challenge of creating harmony through correct biomechanics for both horse and rider most exciting.

Leah graduated from Northeastern University with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Minor in Behavioral Neuroscience.  She is gifted at the observation and understanding of the movement and wellness of the horse, both physically and mentally.   Using this knowledge to help the horse emotionally during groundwork is something in which she excels.

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