Our philosophy

Hundreds of years ago, ancient explorers and mapmakers reached the end of their known world, a world where the lands ended and the seas began, a world populated with dangers unforeseen and obstacles insurmountable. Here, at the edge of their known world, was the place where they believed the dragons dwelt. Here, there be dragons.

Riders who ride with a minimal level of self-awareness and control often have very little regard for their role in the achievement of the task that they are asking their horses to perform. This is self-limiting, as riding without self-awareness results in riders who are unable to adequately feel or respond to changes in the horses’ back. The result is the inability of the rider to maintain a horse in a correct frame and carriage, regardless of what discipline is being practiced.

My contention as an instructor and trainer is that riders who first learn to feel their own bodies, and learn how their bodies connect to and interact with the horse, will be able to influence the horse to better performance. Taking their riding to levels they did not know existed – beyond where the maps chart their course – to where the dragons are!

– Tommy Jensen

Eowyn and Marion

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