Our horses

There be Dragons Farm's schoolmasters are different from typical lesson horses because their heightened level of sensitivity and training allows a rider to feel a properly executed movement when the aids are correctly applied. Whether you are an experienced rider or a complete beginner, we will pair you with the best horse to expand your knowledge, build your confidence, and help you achieve your goals.

Orr Shaddad


The sensitivity of Tommy's schoolmaster Shaddad allows students to excel by getting honest and immediate reinforcement of correct riding, enhancing horse/rider physical communication and connection. Shaddad's education is solid through collection, with all lateral work confirmed. He has been teaching students for over 10 years.

Wenceslas (aka Solo)


Solo is currently in training to become a mid-to-upper level dressage horse. Students who wish to take their education and training to an advanced level will relish working with this kind, gentle master who has a lineage rich in dressage history. Solo's big, springy movements and elegance in the arena make each exercise easy for students to feel and to execute with precision once ridden correctly. From the ground, this big mover provides excellent visual references for students to actually see the exercises performed correctly—or incorrectly, as needed.


Green Mountain Warmblood

Thatcher is a 2004, 15.3 hand gelding from Vermont of indeterminate breeding, thus he is affectionately called a Green Mountain Warmblood. He entered serious training summer of 2009 and is developing into a pretty and eager learner. His stylish looks are complimented by flowing movement.


QH x Arab x Morgan

Liam is a 14.3 hand QH-Arab-Morgan with flashy movement and good basics through Training Level for the more confident rider. Direct, clear, definite aids are learned beautifully on a task master like Liam.



Faisca is a 2003 15.1 hand Appendix QH gelding. Smaller, fast and alert, Faisca also originally was intended for polo, but he didn’t like the game. He is in retraining after having been through some other barns where his sensitive nature was not recognized as a positive. His beautiful lines and easy way of going are supported by extreme athleticism and energy.


Quarter Horse

Canela is a 2001 Argentinean QH imported as a polo pony. She has since changed disciplines and is working towards using her sensitivity and quickness to teach balance and refined aids to quiet riders who like energy and a desire to please from their partners.